Internationalisation service

A sole interlocutor to operate on European markets.

EU Company in Italy

Internationalisation service for European companies that sell in Italy.

Ecolight Servizi provides the representation in Italy to more than 90 businesses located abroad, producers of EEE, Batteries and Accumulators.

The Decree 49/14 art. 30 foresees a specific discipline for EEE producers located in another Member State that is the appointment of an authorised representative.

The Producer with its headquarters in another Member State that provides EEE to end-users in Italy is required to take charge of all the requirements of WEEE placed within the Producers established in Italy, through an “authorised representative WEEE” resident in our country that will take charge of the requirements concerning the registration to the WEEE register, will coordinate the relationship with the collective system chosen to face the requirements, and will also be directly responsible for the organization of the withdrawal of WEEE throughout the national territory.

A sole interlocutor to operate on the Italian market

Consultancy, assistance and waste management. Thanks to the professionalism acquired and to a qualified network of partnership Ecolight Servizi dedicates a package of services to companies that sell their products in Italy.

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Registration to EEE Registers and Batteries and to the necessary requirements in accordance with the related expiry of the Act, including the annual declaration.

1 contro 1

In case of a distance selling, it is necessary to follow the set-aside requirement 1 contro 1, Ecolight Servizi offers the opportunity to structure a domicile withdrawal service.

Registration to the consortium

Perfect the registration to Consorzio Ecolight for the WEEE, Batteries and Accumulators management.

WEEE management

Withdrawal and disposal of WEEE coming from professional clients located in Italy.