We manage your company’s waste

Ecolight Servizi supports your business in the complex management of waste.

The experience and professionalism in waste management are of service to enterprises. We take charge of all the activities linked to waste management.

Ecolight Servizi is a society integral part of Sistema Ecolight, a network that made efficiency and professionalism its own criteria.


Management activities of waste and documentation.

Organised Large-scale Distribution e-Commerce

Obligations and regulations for Organised Large-scale Distribution and e-commerce websites.


Distribution and sale for every typology of waste.


A sole interlocutor to operate on European markets.

Our company

Ecolight Servizi has made environmental protection and compliance with the regulations its cornerstones: it operates with an authorised logistics network and certified facilities for waste treatment that guarantee high-level standards of recovery.

Ecolight Servizi is a society integral part of Sistema Ecolight, a network that has taken on board efficiency and professionalism to the environment, the criteria of Consorzio Ecolight.

We offer you a package of services suitable for your company and your needs.

Our top services

Withdrawal and disposal of a company’s waste

Ecolight Servizi is specialized in the withdrawal and disposal of professional waste and comes to the aid of companies that find themselves to manage both the daily productive activity that normally generates processing waste and particular cases.

Services dedicated to Organised Large-scale Distribution

The distribution companies, including those that sell via e-commerce, need particular services, regulated by law, in which Ecolight Servizi has maturated a solid experience.

Consultancy on environmental issues and legal assistance

A dedicated line to provide companies continued support on everything regarding waste management, from regulations to the compilation of documents.

Services of internationalisation

A sole interlocutor to operate on European markets. Consultancy, assistance and waste management for the companies that sell across the border.

Is your company ready to face the ecological revolution?